Gender Discrimination in the Military – Women Veterans

Throughout history, women have had an important role in our military. Today, women comprise one of the fastest growing segments in the military.

Assisting those who have served our country remains a priority for CWLC. As we learn more about the unique challenges facing women veterans, we stand ready to help with housing and healthcare issues, disability benefits, employment discrimination, and criminal and traffic matters. Unfortunately, many female veterans are unaware of the benefits available to them. We know women veterans encounter unique legal barriers preventing them from accessing baseline benefits and services, which contributes to their disproportionally high rate of homelessness. And we know that sexual harassment and sexual assault of women by their fellow soldiers is occurring at alarming rates, often going unreported.

CWLC has been a champion for women veterans by ensuring they have access to the benefits they have earned through their service, so that they can fully realize these opportunities. CWLC has assisted our brave service women and men through legal clinics, veteran Stand Downs, legislative and policy advocacy, and educating and ensuring that veterans have access to information about their rights and the resources available to them. CWLC released a policy brief focused on the issue of housing for women veterans with a history of military sexual assault that proposed policy changes to address the issue. CWLC is creating additional resources to educate women veterans about their benefits and how to access them.

CWLC is dedicated to protecting and expanding protections for veterans that address their unique needs and concerns.


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