Impact Litigation

CWLC develops and executes transformative legal strategies to secure justice for women and girls, with a particular emphasis on those of low-income. We pursue litigation at the trial and appellate levels, submit and sign on to amicus briefs, and frequently partner with co-counsel to achieve our goals.

We serve as an expert resource by supporting qualified legal services projects (QLSPs) serving indigent clients statewide and providing technical assistance to individuals, legal services offices, community organizations, and pro bono attorneys.

Our impact litigation work is closely tied to our work on advocacy and education.


2016 Amicus Briefs Summary

In 2016, CWLC participated in eighteen amicus briefs addressing a variety of legal issues affecting justice and equality for women...

Female Veteran's Fair Housing Case Against Housing Facility (2016)

The California Women’s Law Center, along with co-counsel, represented a female veteran who brought several claims against the...

Title IX Victory in the Ninth Circuit on Sweetwater (2014)

CWLC, with our partners at the Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center and Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, continue to monitor...