Black Women’s Equal Pay Day 2019

Today is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, marking how far into 2019 a Black woman in the United States must work to earn the same amount as the average white man made last year.

The gender wage gap continues to impact women of all backgrounds, and racial discrimination and bias are critical factors that have shaped Black women’s experiences in the workplace and eroded their wages further. The average woman earns 80 cents to every dollar made by an average white man – Black women experience this gap more acutely, earning just 61 cents.

Equal pay is critical to the economic stability of women and families. At the current rate, Black women will not earn what white men do until 2119. That is too long to wait.

Help keep this issue in the spotlight by joining us in sharing#BlackWomensEqualPay on your social media today, and send the message that it’s time ALL women be paid fairly for their work.