2016 Amicus Briefs Summary

In 2016, CWLC participated in eighteen amicus briefs addressing a variety of legal issues affecting justice and equality for women and girls.  These briefs were filed in the California Court of Appeal, the California Supreme Court, multiple federal District and Circuit courts, and even the United States Supreme Court. The issues addressed by the briefs included women’s reproductive health, domestic violence, LGBTQ employment discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, and discriminatory enforcement of prostitution offenses.

CWLC also filed two amicus briefs on our own behalf, related to the rights of victims of sexual assault on college campuses.  

CWLC remains active in our amicus participation and will continue to submit and sign on to briefs addressing the most important and pressing legal matters for women and girls.

To read more about the cases CWLC provided amicus support for in 2016 or, to read the briefs in full, click below.

2016 Amicus Briefs SummaryAccess