Reproductive Rights: California vs. Trump (2018)

The rights of women in the United States are under attack. Over the last two years, the current administration has repeatedly taken aim at women’s reproductive rights and health care options, including allowing employers to refuse to provide birth control for their employees, cutting funding for teen pregnancy prevention programs, and defunding global programs that provide counseling and education on abortion.

Although the federal government continues to strip away these important rights, California remains stalwart in our commitment to ensure a woman can make informed decisions about her body. Our state has a long history of protecting a woman’s choice, including an explicit constitutional right to have an abortion. In addition, California law requires both Medi-Cal and private insurance providers cover contraception and abortion.

The Trump administration’s most recent attack is focused on Title X, a federal law enacted in 1970 to ensure poor Americans are able to receive family planning care. The administration’s proposed regulations would prevent Title X-funded providers from sharing the full range of reproductive health care options when counseling patients. The proposed regulations would also place unreasonable and unethical burdens on Title X-funded programs by adding onerous reporting requirements, allowing non-medically approved family planning options to be presented to patients, and removing important confidentiality provisions for adolescents.

The deadline to respond to the harmful regulations proposed by the administration was Tuesday, July 31st. Please find CWLC's submitted Title X comments here.

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