Opportunities to Give

There are several ways to financially support CWLC and our mission. In addition to direct cash contributions, we invite you to consider the following long-term and employer-matched giving opportunities.

Gifts of Stock

If you own publicly traded stock, please consider making a gift of shares to CWLC. Gifting appreciated stock to CWLC means you can avoid paying capital gains tax on the increase in the value of the stock. Additionally, you will receive a federal income tax deduction for the full value of the stock at the time of the gift. Please contact your accountant, attorney, or tax advisor for assistance regarding stock gifts to CWLC.

Bequests & Planned Gifts

We encourage you to consider supporting CWLC by making it part of your estate or financial planning and including a bequest in your trust, insurance policy, or retirement plan. Bequests to CWLC may include a variety of assets — cash, securities, real estate and other property. With your Planned Gift, you may enjoy financial or tax benefits while also helping ensure that CWLC is able to continue our important work for years to come. Please consult your personal tax, legal, or financial advisers concerning the specific details and consequences of making gifts to CWLC and to help determine which approach is the most appropriate for you.

Corporate Matching Programs

If you are making a donation—online or otherwise—be sure to check if your employer will match your support. Many employers match charitable contributions made by their employees, and in some cases will also match donations made by spouses, retirees and Board members.

Please check with your company’s Human Resources department to determine if your company offers charitable gift matching. If your employer offers this benefit, your Human Resources department will be able to provide a matching gift form. You may mail this form, along with your contribution or a printed copy of your online donation confirmation, to CWLC at the following address:

360 North Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 2070
El Segundo, CA 90245