Recognizing the 47th Anniversary of Title IX

This week we celebrate the 47th anniversary of Title IX. On June 23, 1972, Title IX was signed into law, making it illegal for any educational program receiving federal funds to discriminate based on gender. While progress has been made since the passage of Title IX, female students still experience widespread discrimination in the education system.

CWLC is proud to be a leader in the fight against all violations of Title IX: we fight for equal access to athletic opportunities, accommodations for pregnant and parenting students, and on behalf of female students who have experienced sexual assault or harassment. We know that girls who participate in sports are more likely to graduate high school, earn more in the workplace, and have better mental and physical health outcomes. Since Title IX was passed 47 years ago, 10 times more girls now participate in high school sports. CWLC is committed to securing equal opportunities and treatment for all girls.

Please click here to learn more about CWLC’s Title IX work, including our updated 2019 Breastfeeding Report Card, and click here to donate and assist in our ongoing effort to ensure gender equality on school campuses!