Senate Bill 1094: Nonprofit Health Facilities: Sale of Assets: Attorney General Approval.

The California Women’s Law Center (CWLC) supports California State Senate Bill 1094 authored by Senator Ricardo Lara.

SB 1094 will provide the Attorney General additional time to review proposed transactions involving non-profit health facilities.

CWLC supports SB 1094 because it will remedy the gaps in current law that allowed some hospitals to stop providing crucial reproductive health services following a change in ownership by providing the Attorney General narrow and limited authority to enforce or amend the conditions of a merger in cases where there has been a material misrepresentation made or the conditions set by the Attorney General are violated.  The bill will provide modest and reasonable updates to the Attorney General’s oversight authority that will ensure women in California have access to reproductive health services no matter who is operating their nearest health care facility.


EMAIL THE GOVERNOR: Let the Governor know you supported SB 1094 and encourage him to sign future legislation addressing this issue.
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