Senate Bill 1349: School Athletics: Information Relating to Competitive Athletics.

The California Women’s Law Center (CWLC) supports California State Senate Bill 1349 authored by Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson.

SB 1349 will strengthen Title IX enforcement in elementary and secondary schools to ensure that girls have the same opportunities to participate in competitive sports as boys.

CWLC supports SB 1349 because the bill will shine a light on discrimination against girls and will address a gap in enforcement. By requiring schools to analyze and report on their sports participation rates by gender and track this data over time, schools will be forced to identify the gaps in their programs and incentivized to correct them.


SAY THANK YOU: to the Governor for signing SB 1349.
Click on the link above and select “SB01349\School athletics: information relating to competitive athletics.” from the drop-down menu under “choose your subject.”