Taking Action to Reduce Infant Feeding Inequities in LA County: Our Collective Responsibility

This year, BreastfeedLA’s summit focused on barriers and inequities that people face when attempting to start or continue breastfeeding. Individuals such as women of color, women from low socio-economic communities, and transgendered individuals all face substantial barriers that are often overlooked. The biases that these families must overcome exists in prenatal care, the hospital, delivery room, postpartum care, dealing with insurance and access to pumps and lactation support, and going back to work. The goal of this summit was to form a think tank and collectively develop strategies to break down and remove these barriers.

CWLC’s Amy Poyer spoke on a panel at BreastfeedLA’s “Taking Action to Reduce Infant Feeding Inequities in L.A. county: Our Collective Responsibility” summit on October 11th at 2:45 – 4:15 p.m.

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