CWLC Joins Women’s Organizations in Title IX Amicus Brief

CWLC joined thirteen other women’s rights organizations in an amicus brief opposing an attempt by seven states (Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, South Carolina and Texas) to evade their Title IX responsibilities at state schools by claiming there is governmental immunity against such actions. To read more about the case and the unambiguous legal authority requiring state colleges to adequately respond to complaints of sexual assault pursuant to Title IX, please check out the Buzzfeed article below.

A University Says It Shouldn’t Have To Pay Money To Campus Rape Victims


Civil rights groups say some states feel empowered by the Trump administration to restrict students’ rights to sue public universities under Title IX.

By: Tyler Kingkade

A university is arguing that the US Constitution protects it from being sued for money under the gender equity law Title IX, and a group of state attorneys general are supporting the school in a federal appeals court.

If the court sides with the university, it would strip students of their ability to file federal lawsuits for damages against state colleges for mishandling sexual assault cases. Legal observers say there’s a strong chance the case could end up before the US Supreme Court, given the attention from attorneys general in seven states backing the school and from national organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union, that support the plaintiff…

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