As a primary legal resource and support center in California, CWLC facilitates educational trainings for community members and legal professionals. We develop tools and provide technical assistance to lawyers and non-lawyers, legal service organizations, and community organizations. We also provide educational trainings and resources for community members to help women better understand their rights and support them in navigating the legal system.

CWLC also advocates for policies that advance the rights of women and girls in California. Through our public education and litigation efforts, we interact directly with community members about the challenges they face and we communicate their needs to policymakers at the local, state, and federal levels.

When necessary, CWLC litigates cases. We specialize in impact litigation, thereby setting precedent that advances the rights of women and girls while also securing justice for the plaintiff.

CWLC has built a strong reputation in the legal community and with the public. We are frequently receive calls from people seeking legal support and guidance. For issues outside of our scope, we connect callers to additional resources and organizations who can assist.