Unfortunately, it is rare that women experience just one type of discrimination, and CWLC recognizes the intersectionality of the many challenges women face throughout their life. We focus on four broad areas, each of which encompass several specific issues, including Title IX gender discrimination, women’s health, violence against women, and women’s economic security.

Because these issues are often inter-related, an impact made in one area frequently has multiple effects. For instance, when women are paid equally, they are able to make choices regarding financial autonomy, enables a woman to leave an abusive partner, leave a job where she is subjected to harassment, afford health care, raise her family in a healthy environment, or take advantage of educational opportunities. When Title IX and the fair treatment of female athletes is enforced, girls are able to build leadership skills and take advantage of academic opportunities that will equip them for professional success and more economic stability as adults. And with fair pay, women have more access to affordable housing, they can enjoy greater mental and physical health, raise their families in safe environments, and avoid aging in poverty.

For over thirty years, the California Women’s Law Center has evolved to meet the needs of women and girls in our state and will continue to address persistent and emerging issues impacting their lives. Click below to learn more about our issue priorities.