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CWLC Talks to NBC7 About the Legacy of Justice Ginsburg

September 25, 2020

Like millions of women and men across the country, CWLC was deeply saddened to learn of the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Justice Ginsberg’s sharp legal mind and staunch support of the rights of women and girls made her a fierce champion for equality. CWLC Senior Staff Attorney, Amy Poyer, spoke to NBC7-San Diego
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OpEd in Ms. Magazine: Black Women Paid Far Less than White Men

August 26, 2020

Read CWLC’s piece in Ms. Magazine: Black Women Must Work 8 Extra Months to Be Paid Like White Men This year’s Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, which marks how far into the year a Black woman in the United States must work to earn the same amount as the average white man made last year,
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Op-Ed in Ms. Magazine: What the 2020 Census Means for Women

May 9, 2020

Read CWLC’s piece in Ms. Magazine, Wondering How to Support Women and Girls? Fill Out Your Census. The federally-mandated census will guide $1.5 trillion dollars in government spending involving more than 300 programs, and it will be used to inform electoral districts across the country. An accurate count is especially important for women, as disproportionately
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Op-Ed in San Diego Union-Tribune: The Politics of Women’s Health

October 30, 2019

Read our full Op-Ed in the San Diego Union-Tribune: Political agendas are threatening your health care if you have a uterus. Relentless attacks on abortion access and family planning funding have opened the door for public funding to flow to ideologically-driven organizations that oppose contraception, teach abstinence-until-marriage, and only offer national family planning options like
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CWLC Featured in Sacramento News and Report

January 16, 2020

Read the Sacramento News and Report piece, Women Protect Their Rights, Pursue Equality, and Fight Trump. Women all over California are finding ways to assert their rights and fight for equality. The California Women’s Law Center’s Executive Director, Betsy Butler, was interviewed about CWLC’s legal and advocacy efforts to protect and advance the rights of
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CWLC on The Deciders: The Challenges Faced by Aging Women

December 21, 2019

Listen to CWLC Executive Director, Betsy Butler, discuss the challenges of aging with Renee Fraser on KABC’s The Deciders. Aging women face unique challenges. Enduring life-long pay inequity means a woman has less financial stability in her later years, and this and many other forms of discrimination compound to present unique challenges for aging women.
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CWLC on The Deciders: Supporting Survivors and Spreading Awareness

September 27, 2019

As part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we invite you to tune in tomorrow, Sept. 28th, at 5:30pm to hear CWLC Executive Director Betsy Butler discuss violence against women on The Deciders with Renee Fraser on KABC 790 AM. As you’ll hear, CWLC is teaming up with Handbags of Hope to collect new and gently used handbags filled with personal care
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CWLC Featured in Easy Reader News

September 25, 2019

Read the full Easy Reader News piece Betsy Butler in the Service of Equality The California Women’s Law Center’s Executive Director, Betsy Butler, has a long history of fighting for justice, including the rights of women and girls. Her story was featured in the El Segundo Easy Reader News, a publication covering the local region
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Ms. Magazine Op-Ed: Hazing case could mean safer campuses for women

August 15, 2019

Read our featured Op-Ed in Ms. Magazine, What This Title IX Case About Hazing Means for Women on Campus. Title IX is most known for the impact it has had on girl’s access to sports– but athletic opportunity is just one way this law enforces gender equality. A recent court case demonstrates that Title IX’s
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Op-Ed in Ms. Magazine: Title IX, Women’s Soccer, and Equal Pay

July 22, 2019

Read our piece featured in Ms. Magazine, Title IX Made the USWNT Win– and Their Fight for Equal Pay– Possible. Even with a massive platform, an outpouring of public support, and Nike’s highest-selling soccer jersey, the players on the U.S. Women’s National Team are still battling against pay discrimination. In more ways that one, these
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The Argonaut Op-Ed: Closing the pay gap after USWNT soccer victory

July 18, 2019

Read our Op-Ed published in The Argonaut, Title IX Helped America Win the World Cup; Now It’s Time to Close the Pay Gap. Equality wins championships and access to sports can change girls’ lives. When 20 million people tuned in to watch the U.S. Women’s National Team win their fourth World Cup title, most weren’t
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Op-Ed in LA Times: Thank Title IX for World Cup Win

July 10, 2019

Read our Op-Ed published in the LA Times, Captivated by U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Victory? Thank Title IX. The U.S. Women’s National Team is fierce, and underscores the success of Title IX as well as the persistence of gender discrimination. Their 2019 World Cup victory was entirely due to the hard work and talent of
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CWLC on KPBS Radio: What Aging Means for Women

May 22, 2019

Watch the KPBS “Midday Edition” live radio broadcast, Graying California: Profiles of Aging in the Golden State. Older Californians are the fastest growing age group in our state, and many are finding it challenging to age with dignity. Aging women have unique needs, as CWLC’s Executive Director, Betsy Butler, highlights in this panel discussion hosted
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