CWLC and CCoA Elder Economic Forum: Political, Economic, and Demographic Imapacts on Retirement (2019)

Over the next decade and a half, the number of people in California aged 65 and older will grow by 4 million. We know that our state is struggling to meet the needs of our aging population and many are unable to retire or thrive on their fixed incomes. Consequently, nearly half of California’s older adults are financially insecure or are one unexpected expense away from homelessness and poverty.

CWLC and the California Commission on Aging hosted this interactive forum to offer new information, ideas, and perspectives as we navigate the factors contributing to economic hardship among California’s older population. We hope you find these materials presented at the forum informative.

Watch the Recording: Elder Economic Forum: Political, Economic, and Demographic Impacts on Retirement (Video)Access 
White Paper: Solving the Economic Security Gap for California's Older AdultsAccess 
Demographics & Economics of Aging in California, Steve Wallace, Center for Health Policy Research, UCLAAccess 
California Workers' Retirement Income Prospects, Nari Rhee, UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and EducationAccess 
Preserving Our Diversity: Santa Monica's Rent Subsidy - Basic Income Pilot Program for Very Low Income Seniors, Michael Soloff, Santa Monica Housing CommissionAccess 
Retirement Inequality: Priorities and Next Steps for LGBT Older Adults, Michael Adams, SAGEAccess 
Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count 2019 Results, Sarah Dusseault, Los Angeles Homeless Services AuthorityAccess 
Media Release: CWLC and CCoA 2019 Elder Economic ForumAccess 
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