Settlement Agreements and Monitoring

Much of CWLC's legal work takes place outside of the courtroom. While litigation is an effective advocacy tool, going to court can be a long and arduous process. We frequently obtain our objectives through settlement agreements in which the entities involved acknowledge their non-compliance and commit to an action plan that will fully implement the laws involved.

We settle disputes on a range of issues, including equal pay and housing access. We frequently engage in cases involving Title IX athletics violations. Each year, we work with school districts and parks as well as recreation programs around the state to enforce Title IX compliance. Often, we are able to avoid lengthy and costly litigation by reaching a settlement agreement before a complaint is filed. In these agreements, school districts and other programs commit to bringing the school or program into compliance by providing equal opportunities, treatment and benefits for female students and girls’ teams. This includes equal access to playing fields, quality of equipment, number of coaches, and fundraising opportunities.

An important aspect of Title IX and other settlement agreements is that they provide a period of monitoring after the agreement is signed to ensure compliance.

To learn more about the Title IX and other agreements CWLC has been involved in, please access the materials below.

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