Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! Many moms are juggling more roles than ever now as they work from home, support their children’s online learning efforts, and seek new ways to meet their families’ needs during quarantine.

Moms deserve enormous thanks this year and every year. At CWLC, we are grateful to have amazing partners in our work to support mothers:

  • Securing Moms’ Economic Security – Moms in the U.S. make just 70 cents for every dollar paid to dads, meaning mothers will have to work until June 4, 2020 to earn what fathers made in 2019. Moms have increasingly become the head of their household and their families depend on their income. CWLC advances equal pay by supporting fair pay legislation and defending women in lawsuits.
  • Supporting Breastfeeding Accommodations – Schools are legally required to provide breastfeeding accommodations to pregnant and parenting students and employees, yet districts are often non-compliant. Since the creation of our ABC’s of Breastfeeding Report Card in 2015, CWLC has worked closely with school districts in Los Angeles to increase compliance rates and we have taken this effort statewide to ensure students throughout California have the resources they need to thrive.
  • Defending Moms’ Health Care Access – All women deserve the ability to plan their families, including the timing of their pregnancies. CWLC continues to fight against federal attempts to limit women’s access to reproductive health care, including family planning and abortion.

Many moms and grandmothers are stepping up during the coronavirus to care for themselves, their families, and their communities. The California Department of Aging is gathering stories of older women (and men!) who are contributing in a range of ways during this pandemic – if you know someone who should be highlighted, please email us and we’ll work with you to lift up their story!

From all of us at CWLC, we thank moms across the state for their strength and commitment to their families, and we wish you a safe and celebratory Mother’s Day!