Hyde Amendment 40th Anniversary – #BeBoldEndHyde
Dear Supporter,

The Hyde Amendment, first passed on September 30, 1976, bans the use of federal funds for abortion services. A few extremely narrow exceptions have been established to the general ban, including for the life of the mother, the health of the mother, and instances of rape and incest.

Lack of access to reproductive health services, including abortion, disproportionately impacts women of color, young people, immigrants, and individuals in low-income communities. Each year since 1976, the Hyde Amendment has been passed with the federal appropriations bill. As a result, low-income women on Medicaid continue to be denied access to abortion services.The inability for low-income women to obtain coverage for abortion services only further widens the income gap.

It leaves women under Medicaid coverage in the impossible situation of choosing between an unsafe abortion or continuing an unwanted pregnancy, unless they can come up with the exorbitant out-of-pocket costs. Adequate reproductive services should be equally available to all women, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

All women deserve the right to safe and affordable reproductive health care, which is why the California Women’s Law Center is advocating to end the Hyde Amendment. On the Amendment’s 40th anniversary, join us and over 78 national, state, and local organizations as we unite to #BeBoldEndHyde!