Support the Military Justice Improvement Act – Justice for Survivors of Military Sexual Assault

The Senate is considering amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act that would allow Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s Military Justice Improvement Act (MJIA) to reform the methods the military uses to dismiss some crimes. MJIA would put cases such as military sexual assault in the hands of independent military prosecutors instead of letting them stay in the chain of command, which usually ensures cases are ignored or dismissed.

Californians are grateful to have strong Senatorial support of the MJIA. In fact, Senator Barbara Boxer, a co-sponsor of this legislation, has been a leading proponent of this measure from the beginning.

But we need help getting Senators across the country to support The Military Justice Improvement Act.

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In addition, this week, The Los Angeles Times printed a story noting the rise in female veteran suicide. The statistics cited in the article underscore the dire importance of learning more about the needs of women veterans and providing assistance in addressing these issues.

Supporting our veterans is one of the California Women’s Law Center’s highest priorities. We hope you will forward this post to your social media about MJIA and its importance in getting passed. Our veterans deserve your support.

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STATUS:  6/16/15 Failed passage in the United States Senate