National Girls and Women in Sports Day 2019

Today, CWLC is recognizing National Girls and Women in Sports Day, which celebrates the achievements girls and women have made in sports.

Girls who play sports are more likely to graduate high school, obtain college degrees, and earn higher wages. Just five decades ago, girls had little chance to play sports. That changed with the passage of Title IX, the federal law that prohibits gender discrimination in schools and ensures equal athletic opportunity for girls and boys. Since 1972, girls’ participation in sports has exploded by 1,063%.

CWLC has been a fierce defender of Title IX. We have successfully litigated lawsuits against school districts not in compliance with Title IX, we routinely educate Los Angeles County school districts on Title IX requirements, and train attorneys and non-attorneys on how the law is enforced to ensure girls get the same opportunities as boys.

You can read more about the role Title IX has played in women’s sports in our LA Times Op-Ed published last summer.

And, watch former student-athlete and CWLC plaintiff Veronica share her story of fighting for her girls’ softball team to be treated fairly!