Housing Discrimination, Harassment, and Your Rights (2020)

In this training delivered by our Staff Attorney, Mariah Lindsay, you will explore state and federal housing discrimination laws, sexual harassment in housing, domestic violence survivors and their housing rights, and the processes for reporting and filing complaints.

How to Appeal a Domestic Violence Restraining Order: Tips & Tricks (2020)

This informational webinar will explore the specific issues related to appeals of domestic violence restraining order decisions in California courts. We will address some of the most common issues related to preserving an appeal and briefly review the procedures for appealing, including tips for maximizing the likelihood of a successful appeal.

Using Title IX as a Legal Tool to Address Campus Sexual Assault: A Brief Primer (2020)

This training will cover Title IX as it relates to campus sexual assault. It will provide context and background on the prevalence and impact of campus sexual assault, the evolving role of Title IX on this issue, the Trump administration’s changes to Title IX and the current status of these proposed regulations, other federal and state laws that protect students from sexual assault, and California’s efforts to codify the 2011 and 2014 Obama administration guidance.

CA’s Fair Play Act and Gender Discrimination in Youth Sports (2019)

This webinar will explore the Fair Play Act and its impact, and will provide a brief primer on the law the Act is based on, Title IX—which celebrated its 47th anniversary in June. Watch to learn about gender-based inequities in your local sports program or at your school and potential ways to address such inequities!

Pregnancy and Lactation Accommodations in Los Angeles County School Districts (2019)

In this training we discuss the rights of parenting employees and students in California’s schools, including an overview of pregnancy leave rights and legally required accommodations for lactation. We will discuss CWLC’s 2019 “ABC’s of Breastfeeding” Report Card including improvements that have been made in lactation accommodation policies for students and employees for the 81 school districts in Los Angeles County. This training will review the law and as well as provide some ideas for ensuring school districts are aware of and implementing these state mandates.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders in California Courts (2019)

This webinar will dive into some of the complex legal issues facing litigants seeking domestic violence restraining orders in California courts.

Sexual Discrimination, Harassment, and Assault: A Primer on Federal and State Law Claims (2019)

This webinar will outline the core federal and state law causes of action for sexual discrimination, harassment, and assault and discuss the differences between them, giving advocates the tools to spot such issues with their potential clients and address them.

Creating a Level Playing Field for Girls: Title IX Athletics in Schools and Beyond (2018)

This training addresses the legal requirements mandating equity for girls playing sports in high school and at youth parks and recreation facilities in California.

The FACT Act Decision and the US Supreme Court’s Impact on the Future of Reproductive Health Care (2018)

The webinar will address the reasons the FACT Act was implemented, its application to “crisis pregnancy centers” in California, and the Supreme Court’s ruling that the Act is likely unconstitutional. We will also discuss the future of reproductive rights in California and beyond in the wake of the decision.

The Rights of Pregnant and Parenting Students and Employees in CA Schools (2018)

This webinar will discuss the rights of pregnant and parenting employees and students in California’s schools, including an overview of pregnancy leave rights and legally required accommodations for pregnancy and lactation.

Equal Pay in California: Pay Equity And Discrimination (webinar training)

On Thursday, December 8, 2016 the California Fair Pay Collaborative, comprised of the Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center, Equal Rights Advocates, and California Women’s Law Center, presented a webinar titled “Equal Pay in California: Pay Equity And Discrimination.”

Equal Pay Webinar with LAS-ELC and ERA

The California Pay Collaborative—comprised of Equal Rights Advocates, Legal Aid Society – Employment Law Center, and the California Women’s Law Center—hosted this webinar to assist individuals and attorneys in navigating California’s Equal Pay Act.

Title IX Webinar Training with LAS-ELC

CWLC and the Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center (LAS-ELC) hosted an informational training webinar for attendees to learn about Title IX as it applies to athletics in schools, including Title IX requirements, how to identify violations, and examples from real life cases.

CWLC Speakers Series: David Codell on Gender, Privacy and Sexual Orientation: What’s at Stake in the Supreme Court in 2016

David Codell has a Los Angeles-based private practice that focuses on constitutional, business and entertainment litigation. He represents clients in state and federal courts, at both trial-court and appellate level, and has secured victories in numerous cases with historic rulings advancing civil rights.

STOP Teen Dating Violence (webinar training)

Teen dating violence is a pervasive problem that affects all communities, and schools should take an active role to prevent and address it.

The S.T.O.P. Teen Dating Violence presentation addressed the legal responsibilities that schools have to address teen dating violence, as well as discussed a model policy that schools can adopt to address dating violence. This session provided rule of law and policy updates enacted since the first 2010 training on this topic.

Title IX Training Series: Gender Discrimination in Education

Led by Staff Attorney Laura Riley of the California Women’s Law Center, this three-part webinar series covered: Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault in Schools, Equality in High School Athletic Programs, and The Rights of Pregnant and Parenting Students.

Cultural Competency in Representing Veterans

The California Women’s Law Center in partnership with the Veterans Legal Institute presented a workshop to civilian attorneys about the unique aspects of military culture and how to familiarize yourself with the service and language “Do’s and Don’ts” to help attorneys connect with their clients in a way that builds trust.

Partner Event: Pepperdine School of Law – Student Life, Relationships and the Law: Confronting Domestic Violence in Higher Education

Pepperdine University School of Law welcomes you to this gathering to address domestic violence in higher education. Panelists will explore various aspects of domestic violence on our college campuses and discuss how universities should respond to the epidemic of dating and intimate partner violence on campus. This conference will address domestic and intimate partner violence
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LAAC Traveling Training in Fresno: Legal Issues Impacting Women Veterans

This training presented an overview of the multiple (and often interconnected) legal issue areas that currently impact women veterans, particularly those with a history of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder due to Military Sexual Trauma. Training will focus on a variety of topics, including legal standards in military medical fitness hearings, and legal barriers to housing, disability benefits, employment, and health care.