CA’s Fair Play Act and Gender Discrimination in Youth Sports (2019)

This webinar will explore the Fair Play Act and its impact, and will provide a brief primer on the law the Act is based on, Title IX—which celebrated its 47th anniversary in June. Watch to learn about gender-based inequities in your local sports program or at your school and potential ways to address such inequities!

Creating a Level Playing Field for Girls: Title IX Athletics in Schools and Beyond (2018)

This training addresses the legal requirements mandating equity for girls playing sports in high school and at youth parks and recreation facilities in California.

Assembly Bill 625 (Quirk-Silva) – CalFresh for Foster Youth

The California Women’s Law Center supports AB 625, introduced by Senator Quirk and Senator Silva, would enable youth in foster care to access resources to ensure they have food security. Read AB 625 Letter of Support AB 625 was introduced on February 14, 2017  From committee: Filed with the Chief Clerk pursuant to Joint Rule 56
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