Teacher Appreciation Day 2020

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day. As COVID-19 continues to keep schools closed across the country, many of us have a renewed appreciation for teachers and the critical work they do to educate our youth. California’s more than 306,000 teachers are now serving our communities online.

Seventy-four percent of all public-school teachers in the United States are women. Despite the importance of this work, California teachers earn 16 percent less than the average college graduate.

Teaching is one of the many fields where women dominate the workforce and are compensated at a lower-than-average rate. This contributes to the economic insecurity of women and families, making them especially vulnerable to the impacts of a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic. We remain committed in our efforts to ensure all people are compensated fairly. 

Much of the work CWLC does is related to the enforcement of Title IX and other laws and regulations requiring equal educational opportunities for girls and boys. Some of our strongest partners in this work are the teachers, administrators, and coaches who care deeply about their students’ success.

If you’re reading this email, join CWLC in thanking our educators this Teacher Appreciation Day. Use the hashtag #ThankATeacher on social media today and share how teachers have impacted your life.