CWLC Celebrates Women’s History Month

Today marks the start of Women’s History Month! Every month, but especially this month, the California Women’s Law Center is proud to recognize the fearless women who shaped our past and on whose sturdy shoulders we now stand in our ongoing fight for fairness and equality.

March is a month of reflection and appreciation for women, but it is also a month of action. Please join us as we celebrate the gains women have made since our country was founded and know that CWLC will be on the frontlines to stop any attempt to force women backward or diminish our possibilities. Together, we will be successful in our mission to ensure the future is bright and full of opportunity for every woman and every girl in the nation.

In California and across this country, we need to come together to make sure our voices are heard and our intentions are clear: We will not go back. Now more than ever, we hope we can count on your continued support in our pursuit of justice for women and girls. To help CWLC achieve our mission to secure justice and equality for all women, please consider donating.

To learn more about Women’s History Month and numerous women who have contributed to women’s history, click here.

Get involved! Check out CWLC’s Women’s History Month calendar of events for activities.