Cy Pres

When class actions are settled, there are times that it is not possible to distribute the settlement money owed to some or all of the class members.  When class members are difficult to identify or find, or when it becomes economically unfeasible to fully distribute the funds, the cy pres doctrine allows the remaining settlement funds to be distributed to a nonprofit charitable organization supporting work benefiting the class members and advancing the public interest.

CWLC leads the fight on discrimination matters including equal pay and employment rights for women, veteran’s rights, women’s health and reproductive justice, consumer protection, combating sexual assault and domestic violence, and expanding economic security for women and families.  CWLC has been approved as a cy pres recipient for our breadth of precedent-setting litigation and policy advocacy.

If you have questions or are interested in designating CWLC as a cy pres award recipient, please contact Executive Director Betsy Butler at (323) 951-1041 or