National Equal Pay Day 2017

Today is National Equal Pay Day, recognized this year on April 4th which represents how far into the new year women on average must work to earn what men did the previous year.

Overcoming the wage gap is difficult for all women but particularly for the vast majority of women of color. As noted below, African American women, Native American women and Latina women must work a significant part of the year to make up the gap with Latinas having to work nearly an entire year before they reach pay equity with white men.

Equal Pay Days:
March 7 – Asian American Women Equal Pay Day
April 4 – National Equal Pay Day
May 1 – White Women Equal Pay Day
July 31 – African American Women Equal Pay Day
September 25 – Native American Women Equal Pay Day
November 2 – Latina Equal Pay Day

The California Women’s Law Center (CWLC) is dedicated to the fight to end practices contributing to the gender wage gap and the needs of women living in poverty. Today and throughout the year, CWLC recognizes Equal Pay Days to increase awareness about pay inequity and other factors impacting the lives of women.