Support SB 358 (Jackson): California Fair Pay Act

The Honorable Hannah-Beth Jackson

State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814

RE: SB 358 (Jackson) – California Fair Pay Act

Dear Senator Jackson:

I am writing in support of SB 358, the California Fair Pay Act, which strengthens the state’s existing equal pay law by eliminating loopholes preventing effective enforcement and empowering employees to discuss pay without fear of retaliation.

Despite the passage of the California Equal Pay Act (EPA), women in California continue to earn less than men for the same or substantially equivalent work. This inequality contributes to a higher poverty rate among women — especially among women of color and women with children. SB 358 ensures that employees performing substantially equivalent work are paid fairly by requiring equal pay for work “of comparable character.” This bill also discourages pay secrecy by prohibiting retaliation or discrimination against employees who discuss their compensation or inquire about their co-workers’ wages for the purpose of exercising their rights under EPA.

Women deserve to live in a society where equal pay is the standard and gender does not determine compensation.

For the above reasons, I support SB 358 and appreciate your leadership on this significant issue.

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