Support SB 579 (Jackson): the Family Engagement Act


The Tony Mendoza
Chair, Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814

RE: SB 579 (Jackson) – Support

Dear Senator Mendoza:

I am writing in support of SB 579 (Jackson), the Family Engagement Act, which expands upon existing law to give working parents more flexibility in using time off to care for their children and select their children’s educational settings.

California law accommodates certain challenges faced by working parents, including providing parents with 40 hours of unpaid leave to participate in activities at their child’s day care facility and allowing parents to use their paid sick days to care for an ill child. But there remains gaps in job-protected leave for working parents needing to attend to the well-being of their child. CWLC supports SB 579 because it broadens current protections to allow parents to take job-protected time off to care for a child during a school emergency and select and enroll their children in child care, which will positively impact employees across California.

This important measure strengthens families and the state’s workforce by allowing working mothers and fathers to fulfill their parental obligations without fear of losing their job, while also boosting employee morale and job retention rates.

For these reasons, I urge your affirmative vote on SB 579.


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