Support AB 1017 (Campos): Gender Pay Equity


The Honorable Nora Campos
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814

RE: AB 1017 (Campos) – Support

Dear Assemblymember Campos:

I am writing in support of AB 1017. This bill will promote fair and equal pay practices by requiring employers to advertise a job’s minimum pay and prohibiting employers from seeking salary history without a job applicant’s consent.

The gender wage gap is a reality in California, particularly for women of color. African American and Hispanic women make just 64 and 44 cents, respectively, for every $1 a white man earns in the state. Changing jobs is often the best way for women to improve their pay, but that opportunity is hindered when employers are allowed to base salary decisions during the hiring process on prior salaries that reflect historical and current inequities. I applaud AB 1017 for prohibiting employers from seeking salary history from an applicant’s former employer without their written agreement, which will help working women in California access greater job opportunities and better negotiate the fair salaries they deserve.

Additionally, I support requiring employers to include minimum pay in a job advertisement and not pay wages less than what was advertised. Such knowledge will empower employees to negotiate salaries that align with the true value of jobs.

By helping create a just structure for negotiating pay during the hiring process, AB 1017 will move California one step closer to achieving pay equity.

For these reasons, I support AB 1017.


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