Gender Discrimination

Women’s History Month Events

The California Women’s Law Center is proud to recognize March as Women’s History Month. Every month, but especially this month, CWLC is proud to recognize the fearless women who shaped our past and whose sturdy shoulders we now stand in our ongoing fight for fairness and equality. Get involved all month long!

Susan B. Anthony Day 2017

Today would have been Susan B. Anthony’s 197th birthday. Ms. Anthony dedicated her life to fighting for women’s rights, traveling across the nation fighting for a woman’s right to vote. She also campaigned for the abolition of slavery, the right for women to own property and retain their earnings, and for women’s labor organizations.

National Girls & Women in Sports Day 2017

The California Women’s Law Center (CWLC) is proud to celebrate National Girls & Women in Sports Day, commemorating the extraordinary achievements of women and girls who participate in athletics.

Forty-four years after the enactment of Title IX, however, schools continue to discriminate against female athletes. Female students still have significantly fewer opportunities to participate in sports compared to their male counterparts, and often also have unequal funding, facilities and equipment. CWLC remains committed to fighting for gender equity in California schools. We proudly maintain our role as an expert regarding matters relating to Title IX throughout California and serve as a primary resource center in the state for girls, parents, coaches, school officials, and policymakers.

Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act – 8th Anniversary

On January 29, 2009, President Barack Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which ensured that women like Ms. Ledbetter are able to successfully assert their claims by confirming that each discriminatory paycheck rejects the 180-day statute of limitations to file a claim.

Poverty Awareness Month and the “Aging, Women and Poverty In California” White Paper

CWLC has prioritized the specific and devastating effects of poverty on California’s aging population, and particularly its impact on our state’s aging women. In June 2016, CWLC joined the California Commission on Aging and the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls to present a ground-breaking forum titled Aging, Women and Poverty In California. The forum brought together policy leaders and experts from around the state to discuss the looming crisis facing California’s older women. Speakers at the forum tackled issues including retirement, elder justice, housing, food insecurity, health care access, and many other pressing matters older Americans face.

Rally to Save Roe

Individuals joined the National Council of Jewish Women|Los Angeles (NCJW|LA) and several cosponsoring organizations to Rally to Save Roe, which was a rally and training to defend women’s reproductive rights in America. The rally began at 6:00 pm and on Fairfax Avenue between Clinton Street and Rosewood Avenue.

In the face of an uncertain political climate, supporters demonstrated their commitment to upholding the right to abortion that was established 44 years ago in the historic 1973 Supreme Court Case, Roe vs. Wade.

Equal Pay in California: Pay Equity And Discrimination (webinar training)

On Thursday, December 8, 2016 the California Fair Pay Collaborative, comprised of the Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center, Equal Rights Advocates, and California Women’s Law Center, presented a webinar titled “Equal Pay in California: Pay Equity And Discrimination.”

Warm Holiday Wishes to You and Yours!

Thanks to the commitment of generous supporters like you, CWLC made significant strides …

CWLC Speakers Series: Discussion with David Codell

David Codell is a Los Angeles-based attorney whose private practice focuses on constitutional, business, and entertainment litigation. He represents clients in state and federal courts, both at the trial-court and appellate level, and he has secured victories in numerous cases with historic rulings advancing civil rights.

Thank You to Our Veterans

On Veterans Day, the California Women’s Law Center is proud to recognize the contributions and sacrifices of our service members. CWLC is committed to advocating on behalf of our veterans, with a strong focus on serving the rapidly increasing number of female veterans.

Breastfeeding Rights in California Schools (webinar training)

The California Women’s Law Center and BreastfeedLA presented an informational training webinar, “Breastfeeding Rights in California Schools.” Every major health organization recommends breastfeeding and recognizes its overwhelming health benefits for parent and child.

CWLC Advocacy and Legislative Updates from 2016

On September 28, 2016, Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 813, the Justice for Victims Act. SB 813 eliminates the statute of limitations for rape and other felony sex crimes in California.

Fall Update 2016

IN THIS ISSUE… Passage of SB 813 – Eliminating the Statute of Limitations of Rape and Other Sex Related Crimes, Training Webinar: Join Us November 9th!, Distinguished Speaker Series with David Codell: November 16th, October: Domestic Violence Awareness Month, CWLC and the Los Angeles Sparks #WeAreWomen Campaign

CWLC Recognizes Latina Equal Pay Day

November 1st is Latina Equal Pay Day, which marks how many days into 2016 the average Latina must work to make what a non-Latino male did in 2015. That’s right: Latinas had to work 201 days into this year to be paid as much as white men in 2015.

Equal Pay Webinar with LAS-ELC and ERA

The California Pay Collaborative—comprised of Equal Rights Advocates, Legal Aid Society – Employment Law Center, and the California Women’s Law Center—hosted this webinar to assist individuals and attorneys in navigating California’s Equal Pay Act.

Title IX Webinar Training with LAS-ELC

CWLC and the Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center (LAS-ELC) hosted an informational training webinar for attendees to learn about Title IX as it applies to athletics in schools, including Title IX requirements, how to identify violations, and examples from real life cases.

All Access: Local Stories

CWLC and the Los Angeles Coalition for Reproductive Justice hosted a free, multi-cultural, multi-generational storytelling evening highlighting the stories of women and girls. As we approached the 40th anniversary of the Hyde Amendment, we explored what abortion and reproductive health care access has meant for different women over time and what it means to this day.

Women’s Equality Day 2016

  ​     Dear Supporter, In the nearly one hundred years since gaining the right to vote, women have made enormous strides toward achieving greater equality. Trailblazing women including Rosa Parks, Dolores Huerta, Aung Sang Suu Kyi and Pat Summitt–to name a few–have inspired millions to follow in their footsteps and achieve greatness. Today
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Summer Update 2016

IN THIS ISSUE… 2016 Annual Pursuit of Justice Awards, “Aging, Women and Poverty In California” Forum, CWLC and LA Sparks #WeAreWomen Campaign, CWLC Participates in the First United State of Women Summit, CWLC Celebrates Title IX 43rd Anniversary at the Getty House, CWLC Advocacy and Legislative Update, Erika Norman joins CWLC Board, Amy Poyer joins CWLC Staff, Executive Director’s Message

“Aging, Women and Poverty in California” Forum

On June 3rd, the California Women’s Law Center (CWLC) co-hosted a forum entitled Aging, Women and Poverty In California at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. CWLC was honored to partner with the California Commission on Aging (CCoA) and the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls (CCSWG) to discuss the priorities and perspectives that community and policy leaders should be planning for as our population ages. With 34,000 Californians turning 65 each month, the Golden State should prepare for a dramatic change in the needs of its citizens.

2016 Pursuit of Justice Awards

CWLC was proud to honor the Downtown Women’s Center, The Kaiser Family Foundation, and Planned Parenthood Los Angeles with the 2017 Pursuit of Justice Award.

Spring Update 2016

IN THIS ISSUE… 2016 Annual Pursuit of Justice Awards- Tuesday May 17, 2016, “Aging, Women and Poverty in California” Forum- Friday June 3, 2016, CWLC Distinguished Guest Speaker – David Codell’s insight about the United States Supreme Court, CWLC Advocacy – The 2016 Legislative Session, Lisa Gilford joins CWLC Board, Grace Clark and Madeleine Sharp join CWLC staff

Women’s History Month 2016

March is Women’s History Month and the California Women’s Law Center wants you to join us in recognizing the remarkable women Justices of the United States Supreme Court who are safeguarding reproductive rights for women. Unfortunately, the fight to ensure choice is ongoing. We thank our Justices and everyone still fighting for American women’s rights. We must carry on and ensure that women’s voices are heard and that our history is one in which a woman’s choice is hers alone.

CWLC Winter Update

Warm Holiday Wishes to You and Yours The California Women’s Law Center wishes you and yours a very happy holiday and a healthy and safe new year. We are proud to share highlights of another successful year promoting justice and equality for women and girls in California. And with your continued support, we look forward
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Susan B. Anthony Day 2016

The California Women’s Law Center applauds Susan B. Anthony and all the women who began the march toward equality which continues today.

Female Athletes Gaining Equity in Santa Paula

SAN FRANCISCO — State data show that many schools and many park and recreation departments across California offer girls and boys unequal sports programs. Equity has been required by federal law since 1972.

Santa Paula High School (SPHS) is making significant improvements after a legal team led by the Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center (LAS-ELC), the California Women’s Law Center (CWLC), and Simpson Thacher & Bartlett (Simpson Thacher) brought attention to potential issues in Santa Paula’s facilities and sports programs for girls. LAS-ELC and its co-counsel have been shining a light on athletic gender inequities in schools throughout the state in recent years, spurring changes.

National Girls and Women in Sports Day 2016

CWLC celebrates National Girls & Women in Sports Day, a national commemoration of the extraordinary achievements of women and girls in sports.

Santa Paula High Applauded for Its Title IX Response

One of the first things Alfonso Gamino did after being hired as the Superintendent of the Santa Paula Unified School District in 2013 was review facilities.

Gamino heard complaints regarding the girls locker rooms at Santa Paula High, and personally went to inspect them.

He saw just how badly they needed to be upgraded to match the newer boys locker rooms.

CWLC Speakers Series: David Codell on Gender, Privacy and Sexual Orientation: What’s at Stake in the Supreme Court in 2016

David Codell has a Los Angeles-based private practice that focuses on constitutional, business and entertainment litigation. He represents clients in state and federal courts, at both trial-court and appellate level, and has secured victories in numerous cases with historic rulings advancing civil rights.

CWLC’s Fall Update

IN THIS ISSUE: A Big Win for Equal Pay. The Governor Approves SB 358, The California Fair Pay Act, CWLC’s Distinguished Guest Speaker Series, CWLC at Planned Parenthood’s #PinkOut Day, CWLC Kicks off its Title IX Training Series, CWLC Releases a Report Card for Los Angeles County Schools, How CWLC Spent Women’s Equality Day, CWLC Participates in the California Workplace Justice Summit …

ABC’s of Breastfeeding in Los Angeles County School Districts

LOS ANGELES — When it comes to accommodating lactating students who would like to pump their breast milk or feed their babies, school districts in Los Angeles County get a grade of “D” on a report card a coalition of groups advocating reproductive justice released today.

And districts don’t fare much better when it comes to accommodating lactating employees. A teacher who asked to remain anonymous remembers her female co-workers would gather outside the bathroom, the only place where she could pump breast milk, and “Moooo.”

UCLA School of Law Conference 2015 – CWLC Partner Event

CWLC Staff Attorney Laura Riley spoke at the UCLA School of Law’s Sexual Assault and the Campus: The Role of Title IX Conference during the breakout session.

Title IX Training Series: Gender Discrimination in Education

Led by Staff Attorney Laura Riley of the California Women’s Law Center, this three-part webinar series covered: Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault in Schools, Equality in High School Athletic Programs, and The Rights of Pregnant and Parenting Students.

Urge Congress to Protect Planned Parenthood

As a supporter of the California Women’s Law Center, another way I ask you to please consider supporting the rights of women and girls is by telling Congress that you stand with Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is the most trusted women’s health care provider in this country, and has been for nearly 100 years. It
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Cultural Competency in Representing Veterans

The California Women’s Law Center in partnership with the Veterans Legal Institute presented a workshop to civilian attorneys about the unique aspects of military culture and how to familiarize yourself with the service and language “Do’s and Don’ts” to help attorneys connect with their clients in a way that builds trust.

Summer Update 2015

IN THIS ISSUE: September 2nd: CWLC’s Distinguished Guest Speaker Series, The 2015 Pursuit of Justice Awards, Supporting the Needs of Our Women Veterans, CWLC Presents at National Council of Jewish Women, NCJW Student Interns Ask For Information About Title IX, CWLC Staff Kick-Off the #WeAreWomen Campaign, and We Are Pleased to Welcome Kamilah Willingham and Alejandra Rosales …

#WeAreWomen: Be Part of History

As a proud ambassador of the #WeAreWomen campaign, the California Women’s Law Center hopes you will also support this effort to fill the Staples Center on Sunday, August 30, 2015. The Los Angeles Sparks women’s professional basketball organization wants to help recognize the everyday women who are serving as pioneers, business leaders and community activists.

Support SB 464 (Hernandez): Health and Self Reporting Tools

    [todaysdate format=”F j, Y”]   The Honorable Ed Hernandez State Capitol Sacramento, CA 95814 RE: SB 464 (Hernandez) – Support Dear Senator Hernandez: I am writing in support of SB 464. This bill allows the use of self-screening tools to identify certain risk factors, including patient blood pressure and weight, so that health care practitioners
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Clayton Valley Charter High School Title IX Case

CONCORD, CALIFORNIA – A settlement has been reached between Clayton Valley Charter High School (Clayton High) and its female athletes to increase equality in high school athletic opportunities, treatment and benefits. Clayton High has agreed to: improve and maintain equitable athletic facilities for girls and boys; offer additional girls’ athletic teams; increase outreach to girls to participate in sports; and provide additional Title IX training to its coaches and administrators, among other things.

Support the Military Justice Improvement Act – Justice for Survivors of Military Sexual Assault

The Senate is considering amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act that would allow Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s Military Justice Improvement Act (MJIA) to reform the methods the military uses to dismiss some crimes. MJIA would put cases such as military sexual assault in the hands of independent military prosecutors instead of letting them stay in the
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